Tala nangi uyokkon
pamel nangi uthakon

Hangoi ponde nurabigi waikol lam
Tangja lilha pakhangbagi waichatlam

Ayingbana ngamdaba lam
asabana youdaba lam


How you grace the forest
Guardians of the grove

The frogs croak
And the snake slithers

Neither cold suppresses
Nor heat ravishes

(Adapted from Pena Seisak**)
Chinglen Khutlam Kham
Amam Leisarok

Mang ngan tarang wangpa chingpu leiye

Tupuna sempa ching
lumpuna taopa ching
Yuhanna ha-tapa-ching
yuchengna niktapa ching

Ngancheng Ching Punshilok.


Arising from the hidden brooks
Moulded by the earth

A sacred mountain so divine

Envisioned by the seers of yore
Tilled by the wise
Undaunted by quakes
Unruffled by spirits

The mountain of light — Punshilok

(Excerpts from Langkon Chingkoiron Puya***)
* In essence, Langdaikon is a creative space, a juncture where seemingly different mediums may merge into an integral weave of oneness. ** Pena Seisak: An ancient Manipuri Pena Singing. Pena is an indigenous folk fiddle instrument of Manipur.
*** Langkon Chingkoiron Puya: Chronicle of the origin and creation of Langol Hills, Manipur.
The photograph and the activities of Sound are recorded at Punshilok, Langol Hill, Manipur, India

Concept/Photography/Sound by Chaoba Thiyam
Sound mastered by Sunil Loitongbam at HAYUM LAB
Text compiled by Mayanglambam Mangangsana, Artistic Director, LAIHUI (Center for Traditional and Indigenous Performing Arts)
English rendition by Sapam Sweetie

Thiyam Mahindra Pratap Singh, Chief Conservator of Forest TP1, Manipur
Nadeibam Mobi Singh, Deputy Range Officer, Eroisenba Langol, Manipur
Members and Volunteers of WAHPS (Wildlife and Habitat Protection Society)
Moirangthem Loiyangamba
Maisnam Jhaljit
Ojit Kumar Singh Mayanglambam
Usham Rojio
James Khagembam

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