Yendai emerges out to find new creative spaces. It is a bi-annual e-journal – a basket of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, art, cinema, music and photography etc. The journal encourages underrepresented styles and celebrates the masters as well. Yendai aims to make these creative spaces more accessible and be ground for new directions. It focuses on Manipur in particular and the Northeast states of India as well.

*Yendai is a Meiteilon word for a kind of bamboo basket meant for gathering flowers.

Advisory Editors

Robin S Ngangom is a lover who carries his homeland wherever he goes. He broods over love and longing through his poems. Inspiring many.

Yumlembem Ibomcha may be on the wrong side of sixty but is an incorrigible romantic and “an angry young poet”. He is one of Meiteilon’s poetic lights.

Editorial Collective

Aribam Uttam Sharma plays the guitar. He also teaches Logic and Philosophy in NEHU, Shillong.

Bobo Khuraijam is an independent filmmaker. When not making a film, he muses with journalism.

Chaoba Phuritshabam is a poet who lives in acute nostalgia for her home of the Sangai and the Siroi Lily. She is also a lawyer, based in Imphal.

Shreema Ningombam’s area of interest is one gender and sexuality. Her poems have been published in the anthology Tattooed with Taboos. She teaches Political Science at Nambol L Sanoi college, Manipur University.

Soibam Haripriya is a poet. Her poems have appeared in Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture. Her work has also appeared in Indian Literature’s issue on 21st Century Indian Poetry in English.


Korou Khundrakpam is a working father living in Manipur. He works with paintings, films, and food.

Copyright statement

Yendai is a platform to share literary, and creative audio-visual works submitted by the individual contributors under the author’s own copyright. The works published in  Yendai’s  pages are inherently protected by the Indian copyright act 1957 and Yendai adheres to the copyright law. For the purpose of publishing, re-producing , duplicating, distributing and using for commercial purpose in electronic or print media, the individual author’s prior permission is required and not of Yendai’s.

The rights of all other writings and illustrations in this site belong to Yendai. The materials, designs, and contents can not be duplicated or used without prior written permission of Yendai.