Spring issue: Call for contributions


Root and being are inextricably linked. If self-definition resides in the safeguard of one’s roots, then anxiety, fear and violence while doing so are not far behind. What are roots but another name for home, for the ultimate destination that one leaves only to return? And what is rootlessness but another state of homelessness, exile and prolonged yearning?

The Spring issue of March, 2018, Yendai, seeks to disentangle ‘roots’ from ‘origins’ and to acknowledge new, fractured and temporary practices akin to searching for roots.

We encourage submissions of poetry, short fiction, essay, review, interview, and visual/sound/new-media art that explore the above concerns.

For queries please feel free to mail at info@yendai.org.

Entries can be submitted to info@yendai.org.
The word limit for essays and short fiction is 1500 words.
The last date for sending entries is 15 February, 2018.
We request complete works and not abstract. Notification of acceptance will be communicated on 1 March, 2018.