Things being as they are
I carry my forehead in my pocket
If I leave it home some jerk might break in
And fuck with my forehead
So phone in one pocket, forehead in the other
My pants remain balanced
My forehead remains safe.

A couple of months ago somebody said
Yours is such a fine forehead, man
Let me have it for a week
My forehead will learn tricks from yours.
I said sure, okay.
While taking it back I saw, O my God!
Bite marks on my forehead.

I caught the punk by the collar. What’s this, I said
He replied, you have a big forehead miyahbhai
Spread it across the country now
Soon you will say now that I have the land,
Bring out your women.
He jerked himself free and ran to the police station
I ran the other way.

Later I heard he had filed a case
Said I had stolen his forehead
Said if you look well milord
You will find my DNA on it.
I wrapped the forehead in a banana leaf
Buried it underground
And left the country.

Days passed, the dust settled
I dug out my half-rotted forehead.
I can’t wear it in public any more,
So I carry it in my pocket
If someone roundhouses me now
My head might crack
But my forehead will remain safe.