Our Ngari and their Masala

Tired was I because of the hectic college schedule.
Hadn’t had breakfast because the class test was too important to be missed.
Exhausted and burned out, I returned back to my room.
Pondering whether I still have enough energy to cook some food.
Also wondering whether it would be good to have some snacks at the nearby tea stall.

Lost in deep thoughts of food, an irresistible aroma came flying in.
My mouth watered.
Oh somebody is frying ngari in the second floor.
Hm, didn’t know that there is a Manipuri…
While this aroma teased my appetite mercilessly
Suddenly an argument erupted between the owner and this person on the second floor.
He was rudely asked to vacate the room.
Told with anger and disdain:
“Eat your jungali food in your jungle.
This is Delhi!”

Powerless, I preceded towards the tea stall.
Had a cup of tea with some snacks, just enough to satiate my hunger.
Suddenly a very unappetising smell came from the nearby building.
Oh, this heavy dose of masala smell
So repugnant to me
Is this repugnant only to me?
To me, this is the smell of Delhi.
Maybe I should eat food that has Delhi in flavor and taste
Maybe, my ngari is not as precious in their Delhi!!
Just maybe!